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BMA Market Insights: Yield Curve Steepens as the Economy Recovers

Market Snapshot Investor optimism rises after the U.S. and China held a phone call last Tuesday about the implementation of the phase-one trade agreement. Additionally, as the economy continues its K-shaped recovery and re-emerges from the virus shutdowns earlier this…

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Global economy recovery, Business Economic growth. Financial, industrial and market sector comeback

BMA Insights: A Protracted Recovery

It is little surprise, given a global slowdown in supply and demand,  that the recent slew of economic data has been negative. Jobless claims last week showed that for the eighth straight week, millions of Americans continued to seek unemployment…

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Uncertain Times

BMA Market Insights: Market Capitulation Uncertain

To capitulate is to surrender or give up.  In trading, this term is commonly used to indicate the point in time when investors give up on attempting to recapture lost gains as a result of rapidly falling prices.  While investors…

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Inscription recession, currencies dollar and declining chart

BMA Market Insights: The Big “R”

As schools, restaurants, and stores close, and travel comes to a near halt, the hit to the global economy is and will be severe leading us to a global Recession. In fact, some top economists believe the global economy has already…

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Incomplete puzzle over chinese yuan banknote background

BMA Market Insights: China is recovering, so what happened?

Since January, when the early cases of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) were alerted to the world, investors had hoped for a quick V-shaped recovery in risk assets as had occurred in 2003 following the SARS epidemic. For nearly two months,…

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